Vacation certificates

How the Vacation Certificates Work:

  • Give certificate when a customer makes purchase, takes test drive, etc.
  • Customer pays $12 processing fee for 2-night voucher.
  • Customer makes reservation (60 days in advance).
  • Customer gets 2 nights free.
  • Customer only has to pay the tax on the room after the $12 processing fee.
  • There are no time share presentations or sales presentations.
  • Free Hotel rooms are valued at $80 to $200 per night, depending on the destination.

OK, What’s the Catch?

There is no catch, but there are some restrictions.

The hotels only make these deals available for the times when they know they will have vacancies.

They know that most of their free guests will spend money while they are there – in their restaurants and their gift shops.

Many of the free guests will also pay to extend their stay by a night or two, so the hotels still make money on most of their free guests.

There are No Sales Presentations:

Your recipients will not have to sit through a time-share or other sales presentations.

They are regular guests in the hotel. Just like any other guests, but they are free.

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